Our Services and Differentiators

From milestone planning to pull-sessions to completion, our operations teams are highly invested in the successful execution of each project to ensure we meet our standards and provide our customers with unmatched value. Our knowledge and experience allow us to be the leading provider of construction services for institutional, commercial and governmental clients in Texas and New Mexico.

Healthcare Construction

We perform design-build for new medical equipment installation, interior hospital remodeling, as well as entire floor and department renovations. Our primary healthcare customers are The Hospitals of Providence, University Medical Center and William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Veliz Construction is a member of the American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

Job Order Contract (JOC)

We hold Job Order Contracts (JOC) with Texas Education Agency Region 19 Allied States Cooperative (ASC), Texas Tech University, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas Facilities Commission and Sourcewell. These JOCs allow for maintenance, repair, alteration, renovation, remediation or minor construction of a facility. By using a purchasing cooperative, eligible entities can provide the legally required competition for contracts of commonly purchased products and services, thereby eliminating the need to go through the procurement process for common, fixed-price services.


Collaboration is the foundation of design-build. Rather than acting merely as an advisor, we work closely with customers in the planning, design, cost control, project scheduling and site investigation. The benefits of using design-build include streamlining the project by overlapping the design and construction phase and minimizing the risks for the project owner because they only deal with one vendor. This results in time and cost savings and early knowledge of potential cost drivers.


We deliver greater value to our customers through our dedication and ability to perform specific critical trades such as concrete and interior finishes. Self-performing these trades streamlines projects and gives us greater control over timelines, the safety of our job sites and the quality of the finished product.


Our goal is to reduce waste and maximize value for our customers and our team. Our project managers and superintendents are members of the Lean Construction Institute. Lean construction is a better way to design and build. It’s a comprehensive system of processes built around collaboration and shared knowledge. We apply Lean methodologies and procedures through our everyday tasks to ensure better project outcomes.

Construction Manager at Risk (CMR)

Under CMR, we are committed to deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). This allows the client to choose the CM before the design phase is complete and the entire operation is centralized under a single contract. We work alongside the architect to cultivate the design, offer the client the GMP, and coordinate all the subcontractors’ work. This helps increase the speed of the project and strengthens the coordination between A/E and CM.