UTEP Sun Bowl Stadium Repairs

Renovations and additions to the existing Sun Bowl Stadium Press Box building from the University of Texas at El Paso, and the construction of a new deck area at the North end of the Press Box. Renovation is throughout the four-level press box building. The second level included the renovation of the men’s and women’s restrooms, and HVAC upgrades. The third level included a large dining area known as the Sky Lounge, two new Executive Suites, custom-made millwork and wood paneling, new flooring, HVAC and electrical systems upgrades and replacement. The fourth level is the camera deck and main roof area. Camera deck area renovations are primarily code compliance related. Entirely removed an existing low-sloped roof and replaced with new PVC roof.

Completion Date:
August 2021
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX
Rodney Kroeger Architect